Cool yet sophisticated - Jeune Premier launches new Dress Up collection

Ostend-based Jeune Premier is proud to present its latest range of school bags and accessories. The new line, named Dress Up, takes inspiration from the world of fashion, as usual. Think trendy details such as zips and extra pockets inspired by the hiking trend, as well as pink pieces and ballerinas, a nod to Barbie. With the collection, the brand aims to further encourage children to express their creativity and individuality during all their school adventures.

The new collection includes school bags, gym bags, backpacks and pencil cases, whether or not filled with pencils, markers, and more from German premium label Staedtler. There are six new prints for girls, four for boys, and of course the ‘essential’ prints and Jeune Premier bestsellers, such as Cherry Pompon, Lady Gadget Pink and FC Jeune Premier, remain available.Cool and sophisticated
The Dress Up collection unites the best of both worlds. Unique, handmade and colourful designs, seamlessly combined with attention to ergonomics, quality and ease of use.

"The new school bags are a fusion of ruggedness and elegance, ideal for adventure. Reflecting the spirit of hiking brands, the collection is decorated with colourful animals. Each bag tells a story of style, discovery and untamed sophistication." - founders Hélène Fransen and Bruno Piers.

The collection's prints take inspiration from the animal kingdom, as seen with The Big Five, Tutu Tiger and Dashing Deer. With Ballerina and Jewellery Box, Jeune Premier embraces the Barbiecore trend. Grand Prix pays homage to the fast cars of Formula 1, and the signature Cherry print is also a standout presence.It Bag Midi
Belgian parents continue to favour more classic schoolbags, such as the It Bag Midi. The bag exudes the Jeune Premier DNA and takes inspiration from classic leather school bags, but with a modern twist. The leather has been replaced with a water- and dirt-repellent technical fibre with contemporary designs, the ergonomic lock opens with a handy magnet, easy for kids' hands, and to close you simply drop the flap down. The it-bag also has an external water bottle holder as well as an ergonomic panel for extra back support.More backpacks
In recent years, there has additionally been a slight shift towards backpacks, such as the Bobbie and the James. The former is a classic backpack with an eco-leather bottom panel and a slanted zip, modern and elegant. The James is slightly larger and has a ‘harmonica system’ inside to optimally store all your school supplies. Both bags have a light, hard-wearing, UV- and weather-resistant back panel and adjustable back straps. The zip is also extra large, handy and child-friendly.

Sports collection
The collection also introduces an expanded version of the Bobbie backpack, the New Bobbie. The bag was designed as a sports bag, and you can take that description literally. The ‘Love Game’ backpack offers space for a tennis racket, while the ‘Hockey’ bag can easily store your hockey stick. Like its counterpart, the New Bobbie has a simple and timeless design with a sturdy eco-leather bottom and side pockets for extra storage space.Second Life
Jeune Premier stands for quality and timelessness in everything they do, its school bags are made from recycled PET bottles and designed to last for generations. That's why, in addition to its new collection, the label is also happy to put another spotlight on its Second Life programme. Through the brand's website, you can sell your well-maintained school bag in exchange for a discount voucher. In this way, customers can actively contribute to promoting a more responsible fashion industry. You can also snap up the second-hand Jeune Premier bags there for a price.