About us

This is the curious story of how a pharmacist and a lawyer fell in love... with designing schoolbags. Bruno and Hélène could not find the perfect schoolbag to accompany their 2-year old son Ralph on his first day of school. With Hélène having a good eye for fashion, she decided to create one herself. Right then and there, at the kitchen table of their home in Ostend, their first schoolbag was born.

The schoolbag was handcrafted in Morocco. A lamb leather bag embroidered with Ralph’s name and decorated with colorful details.

Little did they know this simple design was the start of something big…

Ralph’s first school day had barely come to an end and already 4 mums and the principle were eager to find out where his schoolbag came from. Bruno encouraged Hélène to keep exploring her creativity and they launched a tiny collection of 5 bags. That year, in 2012, they sold 80 pieces.

Soon Bruno and Hélène both quit their job to focus on developing their brand Jeune Premier. Filled with innovative ideas and perseverance, they turned Jeune Premier into what it is today. A brand represented worldwide, in over 30 countries, selling over 120.000 bags each year.